Average Brown Girl is a lifestyle and personal development brand focused on holistic improvement of the mind, body and soul so you can live a more mindful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.  

We are plant, animal, human and earth lovers and all that it emcompasses.

We are writing about nutrition, health, travel, relationships, meditation, and personal development with the intention of elevating your mind, body and soul leading to a healthier and happier life.  This is a platform to motivate everyone to live light, spread the light and be the light.

We hope to inspire you to reach your greatest potential and lead a great life by:

Thinking about your life from a different perspective

Living life in the moment & to the fullest

Finding peace and happiness in simplicity

Removing limitations

Being a positive inspiration to others

First of all, you just made our day by visiting ABG, so here’s a warm hug, kiss and big THANK YOU! We are new to this world, and are excited to be on this life journey with you. ABG is a platform for everyone by everyone. We are searching for new ways to enhance the quality of our lives and the lives around us, because let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement and it’s always more fun to share knowledge. No secrets here! (You wouldn’t have ended up on this page, if you weren’t intrigued and/or looking for more.) We, as the writers, are no different than you, but with a passion to share our knowledge, lessons and expertise!

While soaking in knowledge, we acknowledge some of you may not agree with the opinions we share in the articles and want nothing more than to interact with our readers and hear your thoughts, but ABG has 2 simple rules (only cause we always to spread love):

1. Be Respectful

2. Speak with the intent to educate and inspire

Those aren’t very hard rules, are they? I think we have covered everything for now! I hope you learn something during your visit and please subscribe to our site! Happy Learning!

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