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Befriend Fear and Create Magic

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.” — Elizabeth Gilbert I have known fear for a very long time. I have let fear seep inside me to defend my limitations and my weaknesses. I have managed to let it […]


My Declaration of Sanity

DEPTH… The only word that describes the extreme sensitivity of my being. If I were to hold my heart in my hand, peeling each layer until I could expose its core, it would resemble tiers of the universe paring apart: never-ending. I do not know how to differentiate between madness and disparity, but embedded within my […]


A Change of Seasons

For you, my soul:  My mind is a concoction of thoughts and emotions that I often find myself daydreaming about. It could be nostalgia of a past memory or some place in my mind I would rather be lost in. I never shut off. Sometimes, my skin and bones become so permeated, I overwhelm myself […]